How has your business made you a better person?

Children are an absolute breath of fresh air and as a mom and educator I think each facet of my life makes me better at the other. As a mom and mentor I’m more open and empathetic in general because kids require so much patience and you have to be quick on your feet with little ones! Adaptation is the key to this thing called life.

What makes you HUMAN?

My vulnerability and genuine love for people makes me human. It also makes me unlikeable to some folks because I believe only the truth can enable us to REALLY love each other and see one another’s humanity. I take it in stride because James Baldwin said ‘if I love you, it’s my duty to make you aware of the things you don’t see.’

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Media/ REEL

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Note: While my identification of Kehlani as a Black woman was woefully misguided, I stand by the points made in this piece.

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10 Reasons I'll Never Get Tired of 'Slave Stories'  

Note: Our collective exhaustion with being showcased as subhuman in film & on TV is 100% valid. 


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A day in the life of a woman being crushed under the weight of society's expectations and their efffects on her self esteem and personal interactions. Written, directed & narrated by Naeema J. 

Words of wisdom

My 'Words of Wisdom' segment with Chantal Jones Productions.