Professional Testimonials


"Tajh is amazing. Her classroom management skills are on point and she seamlessly fits into any school I send her to.'

- Renee McRae


Poetic Motivations LLC


'Miss Tajh is a force of nature with the children. She immediately takes charge, establishing ground rules. While creating a peaceful environment by balancing discipline and freedom of expression, her students recieve a healthy classroom experience which promotes a passion for learning. From my experience as a mother and a co-worker, I've witnessed her students leaving the classroom with an eager mind, and sense of self love and pride.'

- Ndambi Oyo 

  Lead Teacher

  Cyber Tots Daycare & Pre-K


'Tajh's best qualities inside and outside of the school environment are her genuine care and love for other people - whether she's known them for 2 years or 2 minutes. I've seen Tajh work with children who were deemed "troubled" or "disruptive" and open them up into loving, responsive children who will admit to just having needed someone to be there for them. Tajh has taught me that with love and patience, and not necessarily the absence of being stern when needed, your relationships with your students will blossom and "classroom management" becomes simply a mutual respect between student and teacher.'

- Mercedes Alicea

  Union Settlement Association 

  Education Specialist

Student Testimonials


'The best thing about Miss T would have to be her personality. She was like another mom to us at school, and she made us feel welcome. One of the things she taught me that still helps me today was to always be yourself and let the people see the weird, quirky beautiful person you are. Because people always expect me to be someone else and she taught me that if I just be me people would accept me.'

- Asia Lee Carrasco 

  MS 7 


'Miss T is always positive and smiling and never lets you down. My experience with her as a student was always fun and chill. She never yelled like others and always makes sure that you're okay. One piece of advice she gave me is to always tell the truth cause you don't know who it can hurt and to always be happy and be kind to other people.'

- Destiny Medina

  MS 7


'Miss T Is a very understanding person and also trustworthy. She's the most kind hearted person you'll ever meet. She always stays positive. It's shown me to also always stay positive. It helps me make better friends and to gain others trust. Miss T was always there for me when I needed her. She brightened up everyone's day and was everyone's favorite staff- especially mine.'

- Keiala Chevalier 

  MS 7